KAKARI S.A is an Architectural, Construction & Real Estate Firm

Since 1975, the company has grown as all the family members are architects and civil engineers.The company is evolved in the field of planning/designing and making constructions at a rapid pace, having as its main basis: knowledge, experience and continuous information.


Our company has a panel of internal and external manpower of engineers such as: Architects,Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers,Land Surveyors,Interior Designers who are specialized on their field and are able to guide you and give you every kind of solution in relation to the layout, the budget and aesthetics of small or large houses, block of flats, villas, office buildings, stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, factories, petrol stations, etc…

In our work, the natural environment is always taken into consideration and always combined with the Greek and European Legislation.

As a Real Estate company, our mission is to empower consumers with information to make smart decisions, being dedicated to help homeowners, home buyers, sellers, renters and agents find and share information about homes, real estate and home improvement.