Stone house in Kalavrita

Project description: Building study and supervision. Change of use from warehouse to residence. Reinforcement of the old building. Restructuring study. Lighting studies. Choice of materials. Interior design. Choice of furniture.

Footnote: Half of the building has been completed. The project is in progress.

Architect engineer: Evi Kakari

Architectural plans


Works in progress


Before and After

Building completion

Stone house in Marathon Beach

Villa in Voula

Villa in Filothei – Outdoor Renovation & Landscaping

Villa in Marathon Coast

Residential complex, Marathon

Villas complex under construction, Nea Makri

Stone detached house, Ano Souli, Marathon

Stone houses complex under construction, Ano Souli, Marathon

Villa, Varnava

Detached houses complex, Marathon

Mixed-use buildings, stores-houses, Marathon

Detached house in minimal lines, Marathon

Stone houses complex, Marathon

Traditional stone house under construction, add extension & modification of the existing building. Ano Souli, Marathon

Neoclassic villa, Ano Souli, Marathon

Traditional stone house with internal garden, Ano Souli, Marathon

Two houses complex, Grammatiko

Neoclassic villa under construction, Grammatiko

Reconstruction of an existing seaside residence & Static proficiency study. The building was in collapse. Marathon Coast

Beachfront Minimal villa with basement. Schinias, Marathon

New villa study with basement, BBQ and pool.

Area: Anatoli, Nea Makri, Marathon

Construction: 2019-2020